Sendratari Ramayana Prambanan

Yogyakarta community can be proud to have one dance show that has been famous in foreign countries, namely the art of drama (sendra) Ramayana dance. Although there are many sendra Ramayana dance in other places, performances in Yogyakarta this feels more special. Because the story of the Ramayana or the story of Prince Rama is depicted on the wall of Prambanan. Sendra dance adaptation of the Ramayana Rama and Shinta is an art that combines dance and dramatic arts. 

In the play, Ramayana dance Sendra supported approximately 200 people consisting of dancers, singers and players of traditional music. Players dressed in typical Java used in those days, armed with a bow, spear, and dagger. Some players are also there wearing a monkey costume. The dancers dressed in blue means that the scene was in the water or the sea. The story raised in Ramayana dance sendra than on the full moon is a story that has been shortened. The story of Ramayana written by Valmiki in the 4th century BC. The story tells the struggle of love, lust, and greed. Stories from the Land of Hindustan, India is up to Indonesia along with Hinduism history. The story begins when King Janaka held a contest to determine the companion Dewi Shinta (daughter) who eventually won Rama Wijaya. Followed by adventures of Rama, Shinta, and younger brother named Rama Lakshmana in the Forest Dandaka. In the forest they met Ravana's wish to have them as the incarnation Shinta Dewi Widowati, a woman who has long sought. To attract the attention of Shinta, Ravana change of his followers named Marica into a Deer. The effort was successful because Shinta was captivated and asked Rama to chase the deer. Rama after a long search Laksama not come back while Shinta was abandoned and given a magic circle of protection so that Ravana could kidnap. Because it failed after Ravana kidnapped Shinta successfully transform themselves into the figure of Drona. Jatayu or Eagle trying to help Dewi Shinta, but instead cut his wings by Ravana. From Jatayu was Rama and Lakshman knew who kidnapped Dewi Shinta is the giant of the kingdom Alengka (Sri Lanka). In his search of Rama and admirals have to ally with troops of apes led Sugriva and also with sacred white monkey Hanuman. Hanuman who was ordered to search for Dewi Shinta into the kingdom of Ravana Alengka troops finally captured and burned alive, but Hanuman escaped. 

 Angels will appear for every dead man

In this scene the audience is mostly made unnerved foreign tourists. Hanuman acts with fire, like skipping the fire and burn 'houses' of the straw which is a replica Alengka Kingdom. At the end of the story, Shinta been won back from Ravana by Hanuman, the monkey figure agile and powerful. But when brought back, Rama Shinta just do not believe anymore and consider it has been tarnished. To prove the purity, Shinta asked to burn his body. Shinta chastity proved because his body does not burn anything but she became more beautiful. Rama was eventually accepted back as a wife.

Hanuman's in action with the fire

Hanuman with his little men (cute)

Shinta appeared after missing for years

Rama hesitates accepting Shinta back

Icons Cultural Tourism dance performances sendra Ramayanan started in 1964, in East Prambanan temple courtyard. The annual event was held at the initiative of Surakarta Palace and the Palace Pakualaman Kasunanan. New in 1995. PT Taman Wisata Candi opened the show arena complex sendra Ramayana dance at Prambanan temple west. The complex is equipped with a background in Prambanan open stage. Open stage used in the dry season, whereas a closed stage of Trimurti is often used during the rainy season. In addition, the complex was also a fancy restaurant. On show at the outdoor stage, usually begins with dinner at the restaurant at 7 pm. While dining guests can enjoy views of the Prambanan temple night lighting with an increasingly beautify the temple. After that, an hour later the visitors are welcome to move towards an open arena. The many foreign tourists are arriving. They usually come through travel packages that follow.

We only have to pay (in a team) Rp 25,000 to Rp 50,000 per gig. What an amazing sacrifice given the performances of this popular Ramayana dance sendra foreign tourists and has become an icon of cultural tourism for the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Travel Tips Prambanan temple is located about 15 kilometers from Yogyakarta, precisely in the Park Prambanan Temple Complex, Jl. Solo km.17 stand. Hindu temple was built in the ninth century. However, if the rain provided a stage covered in the south of the open stage, namely Trimutri Theatre to enjoy the whole Ramayana story in a shortened version. Sendra Ramayana dance performances begin at 19:30 until 21:30, with a time lag so that the audience can rest. Ticket prices on the open stage Ramayana, for VIP 150,000, at the center of the front, while the Special Rp100.000, its position slightly behind the VIP. For VIPs and special seat has a padded cushion. For class 1, the ticket price of Rp. 75 000 positions in addition to VIP and Special. There is another Class 2 for Rp 45,000, and a special student at Rp15.000 but first there must be submission of a letter from the school.

Bird helps Rama to save Shinta from Ravana.

I love his character here, he's self-sacrificing for Rama and Shinta, he got GREAT acting here, but I believe he used to play a couple of character here I coulndt find him at the end of show.
the woman always helps Shinta in front of Ravana, even in front of Rama

Hanuman's kiddo kkkk~ (center)