Artist Jeremy Deller selected to represent Great Britain at 2013 Venice Biennale

I was recently reporting on the interesting and fun artwork of Jeremy Deller at the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts ( ) and guess what? He's so good that he's been selected to represent Great Britain at the 55th Venice Biennale which will take place next year.

He will present a solo exhibition in the British Pavilion, which will run from June to November 2013. Born in London in 1966, Deller is an artist of a different stripe from most of his contemporaries. Often working in collaboration with others (among them artists, makers, musicians and other members of the public), he brings together elements from traditional and contemporary culture to create new types of work: films, installations, performances and events which are often humorous, but which don't seek to satirise the people or subjects involved. His works display an engagement with all sorts of communities that exist in today's society, and whose interests are brought to our attention by Deller with wit and clarity. 

Well done !