Digital Lifestyle -- LIA Final English Essay

 People in the world who are working for funding their lives and their family’s lives always try to make their lives easier and to keep away their lives from stressful lifestyle. For that purpose, many experts of digital technology who always make latest gadgets and tools for making our daily activities easier and prove to the world that digital lifestyle and modernization are needed and really useful for our lives. However, many people in the world know about technology; from simple technology until advanced one. Technology brings us in digital lifestyle nowadays. Digital lifestyle is one kind of lifestyles where people live and use many kinds of technologies for helping daily activities. So, there are at least four benefits of digital lifestyle for our lives in our daily activities, like in our job, education , etc. ; make maximum productivity, make us become global people, make our daily activities easier, and also entertain our lives.

First of all, digital lifestyle can make maximum productivity in our lives. By using digital lifestyle we can improve business, education, creative idea, etc. Because, business people have to be creative and interesting in bringing their materials, their presentations, and also their advertisements. Digital lifestyle can make those activities become more attractive and more interesting and upgrade the investment. It depends on creativity of business workers to develop the utility of digital lifestyle. The other example of creativity in digital lifestyle which can be useful and upgrade to enter creative people is home publishing. There are many home industries and creative digital people can make the small industries become big industries by home publishing which introduce and offer their products. It also has capabilities to create, store, and distribute their own contents. Digital lifestyle is also used and needed in many jobs, for example in architecture, designing, medicine, etc. Architects need digital revolutions to help their job in designing house, building, real estate, and city garden. The architects need the real designs from their ideas. Computer, nowadays, has high technology of applications which can be used by the architect to realize their pictures of ideas in 3D pictures and save more space for their ideas. Designers also use that kind of technology in digital lifestyle for realizing their clothes designs. That kind of technology really helps their jobs. It is also useful for students in school to study with digital lifestyle. With complete facility and applications in their computers or PDA at school or at home, make them get more information by browsing the internet. Because resources, time, and places in digital media are not limited and more flexible, students can browse much information anytime and anywhere. They can also study technique to know more about technology which will be useful for their lives. This also enables students to browse information and share with other students in the world. Students even can learn foreign language by on line translator and also search for its grammar correctly. This activity can be supported and learnt via internet by wordweb translator, because by being on line, the translator is always updated to make it perfect.  This kind of electronic learning is usually called by e-leaning. It makes students have spirit to be independent individuals.

Second, we can become global people by applying digital lifestyle in our lives. Many things in digital lifestyle which can make us become global people. The digital lifestyle enables users to keep track of their personals. They can share music, photos, videos, and file collections then provide them to their new friends, far distance friends, and also their far families. They can do those all via internet by using MyYahoo services. Digital lifestyle can make us become active in social media when we are on line. This social media usually starts from searching interesting articles and ideas in internet then comment it via web 2.0 which enables users or readers to participate actively on this discussion forum on line. There are many discussion forums which can be useful for us, for example, http://www., a discussion forum which talk about up to date news,, a discussion forum which talks about technology and internet, and, a discussion forum which talks about education. Moreover, the users can send their own interesting articles via internet by web 2.0 and vote their favorite articles. Then the most popular articles will be shown on the first page in the site. Many people also look for disaster articles in the world and then donate or give words of encouragement for the victims. By being on line everywhere enables users to be active in the sites to share information anytime and anywhere because many places nowadays have Hot Spot area and active WiFi area. That’s the fact that people like to be part of digital lifestyle and enjoy their daily activities by using digital lifestyle.

Third, digital lifestyle can make our lives easier. Everyone should have easy daily activities in doing their lives. No one wants to live in distress. People can order things easily. People can order digital products by clicking it on the site, order concert ticket or sport match ticket via internet, even we can fill the blank form in internet to list ourselves into an organization, school, or university on the site and we can do those activities with our laptops anytime and anywhere. Not only via internet we can order things easily, in the cinema we can also buy ticket easily and fast because there have been many cinemas which have applied digital lifestyle in serving their customers. In short, the customers can buy ticket by using digital buying machine in cashier and we can choose film which we want to watch and when we want to watch, then we will also see our seats in cinema on the monitor. Those all have been computerized. For example, Blitz Megaplex Cinema in Jakarta. Another function of digital lifestyle which enables our lives to become easier is easy banking. Easy banking is really useful for busy business people. This kind of function makes people transfer money and also pay for something they buy easily. For example, if we order things via internet, we can directly pay for those. The next thing which enables our lives of digital lifestyle become easier is robots. Many people outside of our country use robots to help their work at home, so they buy them  to finish their work at home during they work outside of house, like cleaning and sweeping house, tidying up rooms, sitter babies, etc. Many big technology companies produce robots which can do those things, like Honda from Japan. Their robots has higher logic and better attitude as robots and they always color technology development by their beyond finding. The digital lifestyle is useful too in medical side. It helps doctors diagnose disease which is suffered by their patients. For example Rontgen light. It can also help doctor’s job by its modern tools, like infra red therapy, chemo therapy, bronchial disease healing, etc.

The last but not least, digital lifestyle can entertain our lives. One of its functions is easy gaming. People use digital development to make games; off line game and on line game. The digital generation makes those all and make their own site or they introduce their games then they will sell them. The digital generation must be the people who are active in competing on line games. They play, they compete, and they win. We sometimes do not realize that we are in digital lifestyle when we listen to digital music. Moreover, many people use that kind of simple technology, digital music can be stored into our  mobile,  mp3 player and mp4 player, and the most popular is iPod. Those all are so simple and many people make digital music, use it, and sell it. Like if we buy digital music in legal digital music store and contain it into our iPod, one legal song costs 0.99 $ or around Rp. 9.900. However, everyone will definitely buy it for entertaining his / her life with digital lifestyle.

In conclusion, digital lifestyle development is really useful for helping our lives by its functions which can make maximum productivity in our jobs and also in education, make us become global people who always update to the latest information which is happening in the world, make our daily activities easier, and also entertain our lives. Beside those functions which are really useful and we usually use, there are some bad impacts of digital lifestyle for our lives, but this is our duty for avoiding the bad impacts of digital lifestyle, particularly, for children. Just make the functions become maximum and minimize the bad impact by using digital lifestyle wisely and avoiding negative website and habit.