Recommended Dramas

It's been soooo long for me not updating Asian Drama in this blog ^^

kkk~ I'll be counting to the best recommended dramas from late 2010 to early 2011 :D

1. Rock Rock Rock
This Korean Drama tells about a popular guitarist in Korea up until now~ it told us the story of his since he was young up until he's being popular like now!

2. Pasta
This Korean Drama will show us manyyyyyyyyyyyy delicious pasta baverage! kkk~ this told us about a freaking Chef who won't allow a woman in his kitchen, but an innocent magnae always keeps trying to be accepted in his kitchen even she got rough time.


Korean trained cooks
Italian trained cooks
Female cooks
Other people

3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
This Korean Drama told us about a Gay-couple-LIKE but actually the main actor's friend just tries pretending to be gay because he's shy guy who can't meet up the girl he likes, but they're not!\


4. Secret Garden
This Korean Drama got a very popular actors in it, it told about a freaking rich man fell in love with a stunt-woman and he got this woman surprised everyday with his unique romantic sense~


5. Playful Kiss
err....I think you should know this plot since you're a drama lover, this is a korean-version of Itazura Na Kiss, a Drama which is adopted from am Manga series.

6. Dream High
This is a high rating drama in Korea broadcasted in SBS, I believe that it hit high rating because sooo many popular Idols were playing in it! Such as 2PM, Miss A, T-Ara, IU, Joo, etc..and Super Junior, SS501 etc as its cameo.

Main Cast
Extended cast
Cast Source:
Kirin's Teachers
Kirin's Students