Exclusive interview with fashion film Director Jason Last

Meet the incredibly talented and well-established fashion film Director, artist and friend Jason Last. Jason has been an Art is Alive supporter since the beginning and exclusively for Art is Alive he agreed to provide more insights on his inspiration, his next projects and his amazing artistic approach.

Can you introduce yourself please?

Hi, I'm Jason Last.

How did it all start for you?

I've always been drawn to moving image & sound - especially growing up watching a lot of music videos & seeing video art. I've always somehow played & worked with video. When I decided to study in Fine Arts,  I specialized in video & from there, it grew - technically & mentally.
In terms of fashion film; defining the genre personally came from my early (to recent) collaborations with Jaime Rubiano. We experimented with, & blended the worlds that drive & inspire us creatively; art, fashion, film, performance, photo. It was quite a natural process.

Can you tell us about your recent projects?

Right now I am working on a longer film with complexgeometries, featuring their SS12 collection w/ Andrej Pejic, & a score composed by Grimes - who is amazing.. called The King's Son.  
Also, completing a film from last year, Barrel Of A Gun (BOAG), which tells somewhat a story through narration. 
Jaime & I just completed Scalpel/Stradivarius (first video above) which we are quite excited about. It is presented by Vogue Italia & features live performance by Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire/The Bell Orchestre), who composed the score for the film, & model Meghan Collison. It won Thecorner.com prize at ASVOFF4 in Paris this year, & is circulating to various festivals/ screening at the moment. It features all kinds of designers from Ackermann to Demeulemeester to Givenchy. (

Which one are you most proud of?
I don't know if we are more proud of one more than others. Each piece has it's own life & identity. I know that as the work grows & develops; so does our ability to make stronger work. We're always defining & redefining what we do.

Is video the best medium to showcase fashion? 

I don't think so. There is definitely an intimacy with the clothing & design that can be achieved with video for the viewer, & there is control over presentation & concept; with music, narrative, whatever... but there's nothing like a strong runway show, & the energy & experience of live performance. Video is an incredible & important vehicle for fashion, but it's only one.


Who or what do you take your inspiration from?
My past, art, a lot of music, nature. normal things.. too many things. I work very closely with Jaime, who's creative mind continuously pushes hard at our work.

Who would you be interested to work with if you had the choice?
A lot of the people I want to work with are in music. Creative subjects that bring their own art to the table. My art reflected through my idols.
Crossover of genres is very interesting to me. Collaboration is everything. Music, art, fashion, performance - these worlds have always worked somehow together, & those incestuous combinations fascinate me the most creatively.
In fashion, again there are too many designers & models that I want to create & collaborate with.

Would you consider doing something else if you were not an artist? 


To finish with, what do you think and wish to this blog?
Art Is Alive is one of the first sites I remember looking at years ago. & I always have connected to the way it integrates art & fashion. 

More info on: http://www.jasonlaststudio.com

Thank you so much Jason.