Rothko & The Abstractionists: First major canvas by Rothko at a London auction in a decade

Mark Rothko (1903-1970), Untitled, signed and dated 'MARK ROTHKO 1955' (on the reverse), oil on canvas, 69¼ x 61¾in. (175.8 x 157cm.). Painted in 1955. Christie's Images Ltd 2012.

This is very exciting. Christie's London announced that "Untitled", the painting executed in 1955 is the first major canvas by Mark Rothko to be presented in a London auction in a decade. Realised at the height of the artist’s celebrated classic period, it forms part of a series of abstract works exhibited and owned by a number of major international museums. Rendered in a palette of brilliant red vermillion, burnt ochre and white, "Untitled" comprises two rectangular forms floating within the canvas. Faced with this large-scale and vivid piece, ‘abstract sublime’ and ‘spiritual awe’ are amongst the terms used to describe this work which inevitably provokes a wealth of emotions for the transcended viewer said the official press release.

Let's wait for the actual auction and who buys it...