21st Year of My Life :)

Yes, I am a dreamer and some of them are fail. I am a human being been dreaming these past 21 years. I once visited a psychologist at my 17th and he said that my home will always fill with crowd until my last time. He told me once that I will always have my friends with me when my hairs turn white.

It's been 4 years ago and I always believe in his words. My 21st the April 20th has passed, I have been living for 21 years. There have been many things I did while there are many things I haven't done. Whatsoever, I don't give it a f^ck, I live my life peacefully yet lively.

The last big event of my architecture major which I can join was held for three days long started from April 20th until 22nd. Yes, that was a big day not because of my birthday, but an opening day of the event.

Well, maybe my birthday this year has been the nicest birthday in my college time when I realized I have many friends and family that love me.

I started the day with bunch wishes and the greatest praying from my daddy and mommy. Shower like usual, like other days. No, it didn't happen like in the drama when that main character opens her door then she finds a bunch of flowers. My best big boy was waiting for long on a Y-junction of my dormitory. I felt like, oh no! dude what are you doing? you didn't take wrong medicine, right? :) *I am sorry, I am just too scary to take home your gift, it is just too creepy! >///<*

I thought that it will stop just only on that, nope, it didn't. I give my big thanks for my bunch of kiddos who came that night to congratulate my 21st birthday. My greatest praying I whispered that night before the candle. :)

We went to McD in the middle of the night with sweat within out bodies, my girls. Yes, we came only to eat some junkfoods in order to save our hunger. It was like TA-DAAH! Happy Birthday! :)

April 21st, yes, I anticipated an event, one of my favorite photographesr....the photographer I adore the MOST! was holding a seminar in our major's event, Diego Verges, a travelling photographer from Spain. I was like wow! I got to see him again after a year long! :)

April 22nd, it must be the end of the event. All committees' hard work would be over soon! Guess what! the girls I had been looking forward that way long came to see me with their birthday song and wishes. Big thanks again! You all make this year is meaningful to me when I realized that I have many people love me :)