Unseen, the new international photography fair

Martin Asbaeck - Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Eight Cards, Card#4, 2011

There are not so many good photography fairs around, and I look forward to this one which I am sure will be amazing. "Unseen" (great name!) will take place in Amsterdam’s culturepark from September 20 – 23, this year.

A joint venture of Foam (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam), Platform A (office for cultural business development) and Vandejong (branding agency), the fair will feature 
over 50 international galleries including G/P Gallery (Tokyo), Paradise Row (London), Les Filles du Calvaire (Paris), Martin Asbeak Gallery (Copenhagen) etc.

It brings together galleries that focus on young photographic talent and emerging artists, alongside famous figures, providing a source of inspiration for international collectors and photography lovers worldwide.

Co-directors Marloes Krijnen, Pjotr de Jong and Roderick van der Lee commented: “We are very happy with the quality and breadth of galleries already committed to the fair and by the cultural and artistic diversity that they represent as a group.”

Unseen, "the photo fair with a festival flair" is definitely one to attend!