Joanna Lumley and Thomas Heatherwick had an idea...

The architect Thomas Heatherwick and the actress Joanna Lumley had a green idea: to design what they titled the ‘Garden Bridge‘. The design comes in as a answer to the Transport for London’s call for way to improve pedestrian links across the river. The new design will start at Temple tube station on the north side and link to the ITV tower on the South Bank. ‘The city demands this bridge,’ Joanna Lumley declared from the roof of the National Theatre last week. ‘It’s talking to us!’ To be honest, we can’t hear anything. But that doesn’t deflect the 67 year-old actress and British icon’s enthusiasm. ‘Look,’ she says, pointing to the Thames below. ‘You can virtually see it!’

Nida Sinnokrot

Nida Sinnokrot, KA (JCB, JCB), 2009.

Marilyn for Chanel number 5

Quite another coup for the amazing fashion house Chanel: using archived footage and a newly-discovered audio recording from 1960, Chanel has posthumously appointed the icon as the new face of Chanel number 5, fifty-one years after her death. 

"What do you wear to bed? A pajama top? The bottoms of the pajamas? A nightgown?” So Marilyn said, “Chanel No.5, because it’s the truth" Marilyn famously answered a journalist from the French Marie Claire. More beautiful than ever...